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Find a legal translator or an interpreter - Bulgaria

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Bulgaria does not have a database of translators and interpreters.

There is currently no electronic database for court translators.

On the basis of § 6 (4) of the Final Provisions of the Act amending and supplementing the Code of Criminal Procedure, which regulates amendments and additions to the Judicial Systems Act, Article 403 contains a new paragraph (2), according to which the Minister of Justice, in agreement with the Supreme Judicial Council, is to issue an ordinance on the procedure and time limits for proposals for the inclusion and modification of the lists of professionals approved as translators; the conditions with which they must comply and the conditions and procedures for determining their remuneration. Pursuant to the statutory delegation, Regulation No N-1 of 16.05.2014 on court translators was issued. SG No 43 of 23 May 2014. For each judicial district of a provincial or administrative court and for the Specialised Criminal Court, registers are kept containing lists of professionals certified as court translators. Ministries, departments, establishments, municipalities, professional bodies and other organisations and scientific institutes, as well as candidates for court translators, may propose the inclusion of specialists on the lists of court translators. Proposals for listing are made to the President of the relevant regional or administrative court or to the President of the Specialised Criminal Court.

The legalisation and translation of documents is governed by the Regulations on the legalisation, certification and translation of documents and other documents, adopted by Council of Ministers Decree No 184 of 1958.

Regulation No 1 of 16 January 2008 on the registration, qualification and remuneration of experts was repealed by the Varhoven administrativen sad (Supreme Administrative Court). A draft new regulation has been drawn up and published on the website of the Ministry of Finance for public consultation pursuant to Article 26 (2) of the Statutory Instruments Act. The project was sent for consultation to the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Ministry of the Interior.

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Last update: 23/11/2020