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Find a legal translator or an interpreter - Finland

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This page provides guidance on finding a legal interpreter or an authorised translator in Finland.

The National Board of Education shall maintain a register of legal interpreters in which legal interpreters approved by the Committee on Legal Interpreters shall be entered. The public register contains information only on interpreters who have consented to their publication.

The Accredited Translators’ Examination Board maintains a register of authorised translators

What information is available from the Finnish databases of interpreters and translators?

Link opens in new windowThe name, language pair and area of activity of the interpreter can be found in the Register of Legal Interpreters. The public register of legal interpreters contains information only on interpreters who have authorised their data to be published online.

TheLink opens in new windowRegister of Authorised Translators provides information on the translator’s name, municipality of residence and the language into which he/she is entitled to act as an authorised translator.

Is access to the Finnish databases of interpreters and translators free of charge?

Yes, both the register of legal interpreters and the register of authorised translators are free of charge.

How do you search for legal interpreters and authorised translators in your country?

You can search for interpreters and translators using the following criteria:

  • language pair
  • name of translator or interpreter

You can also apply for a county in the Register of Legal Interpreters.


Register of legal interpreters: Link opens in new windowhttps://oikeustulkkirekisteri.opintopolku.fi

Register of authorised translators: Link opens in new windowhttp://www03.oph.fi/kaantajat/

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Last update: 31/07/2020