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Find a legal translator or an interpreter - Poland

Naši prevoditelji trenutačno pripremaju jezičnu inačicu koju vidite.
Sljedeći jezici: poljski već su prevedeni.

This page helps you to find a Polish legal translator and interpreter.

What does the Polish translators' database offer?

Poland has:

  • A list of Link opens in new windowsworn translators and interpreters (tłumaczy przysięgłych), which is owned by the Polish Ministry of Justice
  • A database of translators and interpreters, managed by the Polish Association of Interpreters (Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Polskich)

Is access to the Polish translators' database free of charge?

Yes, access to both databases is free of charge.

How to search for a legal translator in Poland

Database of sworn translators

The sworn translators’ database allows you to search for a translator or interpreter by:

  • Family name
  • Type of translation
  • City
  • Language.

Database of translators and interpreters

You can search the translators' and interpreters' database by:

  • Family name
  • City
  • Language
  • Speciality (interpretation, translation of literature, legal translation).

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Last update: 28/04/2015