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Find a legal translator or an interpreter - Sweden

The language version you are now viewing is currently being prepared by our translators.
Please note that the following languages: Swedish have already been translated.

This section helps you find a legal translator or interpreter in Sweden.

What is the Swedish register of interpreters and translators?

The Link opens in new windowSwedish database of authorised interpreters and Link opens in new windowtranslators is owned and administered by the Link opens in new windowSwedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

It contains a list of certified interpreters and translators who are authorised only to interpret or translate from or into Swedish. An individual may be authorised for a number of different languages. An authorised interpreter may also be authorised to work in a particular area of expertise as a court interpreter and/or medical interpreter.

Is access to the Swedish register of interpreters and translators free of charge?

Yes, it costs nothing to access the Swedish database of authorised interpreters and translators.

How do you search for an authorised interpreter or translator in Sweden?

If you are looking for an interpreter, you can search by language, special area of expertise, county (län) or surname. If you are looking for a translator, you can search by language, county (län), surname or translator number.

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Last update: 28/01/2013