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Find a legal translator or an interpreter - Slovenia

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This page provides an overview of the database of Slovenian legal interpreters.

What is the information in the register of Slovenian court interpreters?

The Ministry of Justice manages Link opens in new windowa directory of court interpreters. The Slovenian legal system makes no distinction between interpreters and translators. All court interpreters must be able to interpret and translate.

The directory of court interpreters shall contain the following information, which shall be public:

  • surname
  • name
  • Title
  • postal code
  • city
  • telephone
  • email
  • language

The additional directory also contains some information that is not accessible to the public:

  • scientific or professional title
  • date of appointment
  • occupation
  • date and place of birth
  • personal identification number (EMŠO),
  • details of employment or other status.

Is access to the database of Slovenian court interpreters free of charge?

Yes, access to the database of Slovenian court interpreters is free of charge.

How to find a court interpreter in Slovenia

The database of Link opens in new windowcourt interpreters can be searched by means of a general search engine searching from all publicly available data, so that the search can be performed on the basis of:

  • name,
  • surname,
  • city,
  • telephone
  • language.

The search query can also be restricted by a search filter based on a specific language (only one language can be selected).

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Last update: 23/11/2020