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Find a mediator - Poland

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This section helps you to find a mediator in Poland

How to find a mediator in Poland

Lists/lists of institutions and persons authorised to conduct mediation proceedings (referred to as “the lists of mediators”) are kept at the regional courts and made available on their websites. Mediators are entered and deleted by the president of the competent regional court, including persons from lists drawn up by non-governmental organisations (within the scope of their statutory tasks) and universities.

Mediators usually specialise in certain types of mediation: civil (economic, family, labour, other), criminal or juvenile.

Among civil mediators, a distinction should be made between permanent mediators who have been included in the list kept by the president of a regional court for the area of jurisdiction of the judicial district concerned.

As a result of the legal solutions adopted, there is no single central list of mediators.

The website of the Ministry Link opens in new windowof Justice on mediation and Link opens in new windowcontains basic information on the regulations, procedures and practical aspects of the functioning of mediation in Poland.

Is access to the list of mediators free of charge?

Yes, access to lists of mediators is free of charge.

How to find a mediator in Poland

Use lists of mediators run by district court presidents or the services of mediation centres or individual mediators. Information and contact details are usually available on the websites of the competent courts, centres or mediators.

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Last update: 13/11/2020