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Information on national facilities - Slovenia

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In Slovenia the system from 1.5.2011 with a 11 videokonferenčim equipped meeting rooms in the county courts, 11 centres for social work institute of detention periods in a peaceful, one device is in use by police forces. For videoconferences in courts or social services centres which don't yet have a system installed, there are also 3 mobile devices.

Slovenia is systematically including videoconferencing systems in the projects it is implementing between 2009-2013. This means the projects qualified for 85 % financing from the European Social Fund.

This is a very important asset for the Slovenian justice system, as it will be an active use of videoconferencing systems facilitate the hearing of witnesses, experts, children, patients in hospitals or care homes for the elderly, prisoners and other participants in the procedures at a distance, the greatest saving will be shown in the cases of procedures with a cross-border element where the hearing is also ‘approximated’ to the parties to the proceedings or the witnesses abroad, which are thus not required to travel abroad in Slovenia on the Court to make a statement or be heard, as this can be done via video conference.

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