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Information on national facilities - Slovenia

Ova je stranica strojno prevedena i njezina kvaliteta nije zajamčena.

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In Slovenia, since 1.5.2011, 11 discussion rooms at the District Courts, 11 Social Services Centres, Dob pri Mirni prison prison service, one device used by the police have been equipped with a videoconference system. 3 mobile devices are also available for videoconferencing at another court or social work centre where they do not already have a fixed system.

Slovenia is systematically including videoconferencing systems in the projects it is implementing between 2009-2013. This means the projects qualified for 85 % financing from the European Social Fund.

Videoconference systems are an important asset for the Slovenian justice system. They facilitate questioning of witnesses, experts, children, hospitalised patients, residents of care homes for the elderly, prisoners and other distance hearings. They are especially advantageous for cross-border cases, allowing parties living abroad to participate in the court proceedings much more easily. Instead of having to travel to Slovenia they can make a statement or be heard through a videoconference link.

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Last update: 16/11/2020