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Insolvency registers - Belgium

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Here you will find information about the insolvency registers in Belgium.

Insolvency registers

What about insolvency registers in Belgium?

In Belgium, there is no national central register of insolvency registers. However, there are various bodies that collect information about businesses and individuals.

  • As regards businesses and natural persons trading, the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises (Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises (Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises (ECB)) is a register containing all the identification data concerning businesses and natural persons trading and their legal situation (and, in particular, bankruptcy). Information on legal situations of companies is currently not available to the public. However, bankruptcy and judicial reorganisation judgments are published in the Link opens in new windowMoniteur Belge, which is accessible online.
  • As regards individuals, there is a database in Belgium which centralises a number of information relating to over-indebted people who have chosen to initiate a collective debt settlement procedure. This database is drawn up at the National Bank of Belgium, but it is not public.

Is the consultation of insolvency registers in Belgium a paying service?

No charges are made for access to the Moniteur belge database.

How to search for insolvency in Belgium?

You can search for judgments of bankruptcy or judicial reorganisation in the Moniteur belge.

Period covered by insolvency registers in Belgium

In the Moniteur belge, the references of undertakings are available from 1 January 1983 with a link to publications made after 1 June 1997.

Publications of associations after 1 July 2003 are also available in the Moniteur belge.

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