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Insolvency registers - Hungary

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This section provides a brief overview of Hungary’s insolvency records.

Insolvency registers

What services does the Hungarian insolvency register?

In Hungary, the Government and operate the link for the Individual Insolvency Register of the Ministry of Justice of Company Information and Electronic Company Registration Service of the Police Force.

The record processor, as well as IT development, technical, operational and technical safety duties published in the Magyar Közlöny Lap- és Könyvkiadó Kft. through.

The insolvency register is accessible on opens in new window

The insolvency register all data of economic operators and civil society organisations to whom insolvency proceedings in Hungary.

In Hungary, the rules for bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings of Act XLIX of 1991 on Bankruptcy (.). Civil society organisations (associations, foundations) of the bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings of the NGO Act CLXXV of 2011 should be applied for the rest of the Cstv. provisions apply.

Is access to the Hungarian insolvency register free of charge?

The insolvency register data megismeréséért fees and expenses do not have to be paid. The advance having to declare the insolvency data retrieved from sale does not constitute a commercial database and the data used for such purposes.

The register of the Cstv. 6/N. On the basis of the following elements:

  • the date of the opening of insolvency proceedings;
  • the court opening insolvency proceedings and the case reference number;
  • the insolvency proceedings opened in Hungary of bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings;
  • jurisdiction for opening proceedings (insolvency főeljárásról or secondary insolvency proceedings)
  • if the debtor is a company or a legal person, the debtor’s name, registration number, registered office or, if different, postal address;
  • the insolvency practitioner appointed in the proceedings, the liquidator administrator (name, postal address or e-mail address;
  • the time limit for lodging claims, if any, or a reference to the criteria for calculating that time limit;
  • where applicable, date of closing main insolvency proceedings;
  • the court before which the decision opening insolvency proceedings can be challenged in accordance with Article 5 and, where appropriate, for the reference to the criteria for calculating that time limit
  • the avoidance actions relating to the debtor’s estate of the initiation and completion of the court, the name and the number of the case,
  • was the debtor’s directors, managers, members of the debtor is a legal person the owners, creditors’ interests due to their bringing actions for damages, the court seised and the end of the name and the number of the case,
  • if the procedure is simplified felszámolásként was confirmed this fact.

How to search the Hungarian insolvency

The search criteria selected from a drop-down menu The drop-down menu in the insolvency register on the basis of one of the following identifiers after the granting of search:

  • name,
  • statutory registration number/civil registration number,
  • procedure number.

The search for the detailed information can be found at opens in new window

The insolvency register and retrieval of the bulk data not possible, on the basis of existing legislation.

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Last update: 04/09/2018