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Insolvency registers - Slovakia

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This page provides you with a brief overview of Slovakia’s insolvency register.

Insolvency registers

What does the Slovak Insolvency Register?

Link opens in new windowInsolvency register is a public-administration information system operated made available on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, which is administered and operated by the Slovak Ministry of Justice.

With the registrar of insolvencies shall be disclosed:

a) details of proceedings under Act No 7/2005 Coll. in scale:

  1. the designation of the court
  2. the reference number,
  3. name and surname judge seised,
  4. the designation of the applicant and of the debtor 4.1, if a natural person, the name, surname and residence, 4.2 individual entrepreneur, business name, name and surname, if different from the company name and place of business, 4.3 for a legal person: the business name and registered office,

  5. the administrator or the administrator provided for
  6. Office address provided by the administrator or the administrator, office address
  7. date of opening of bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings, date
  8. date of declaration of bankruptcy or restructuring, the date of authorisation
  9. date of expiry date of bankruptcy or restructuring,
  10. information as to whether the small bankruptcy,
  11. data on the claims in the list of claims, the scope of substantive requirements
  12. data on the claims against the estate in the scope of substantive requirements, registration of claims against the estate,
  13. data on the debtor’s assets in the inventory, the constituent elements of substantive requirements
  14. data on creditors’ meeting and the meeting of the creditors’ committee in place, time and subject of the meeting of creditors, the creditor’s name and surname of a natural person, or the trading name of the creditor, if he is a legal person, whether the creditor is a member of the creditors’ committee, the information on the extent of voting rights of the creditor and the minutes of the meeting of the creditors’ committee
  15. distribution plan,
  16. the date of the authorisation, where the discharge was authorised,
  17. information on the introduction of a surveillance report
  18. information on time limits for the parties for carrying out actions in proceedings under this Act,

(b) the list of insolvency in the bankruptcy and list of debtors in the restructuring proceedings data according to point (a) of the fourth paragraph,

(c) other information on proceedings under this Act published in the Official Gazette,

(d) information on the services procured by the administrator.

Is access to the Slovak insolvency register free of charge?

Yes, access to the register and information is free of charge.

How to search the insolvency register?

On the homepage of the registrar of insolvencies is search bar where you can directly award the text to search, specify whether he should look for the text in categories Proceedings Managers, goods or services.Link opens in new window

History of the insolvency register of the Slovak Republic

The system was put into productive operation 7.12.2015.

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