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Insolvency registers - Slovakia

Obs. Nyligen ändrades ursprungsversionen på slovakiska av den här sidan. Våra översättare håller på att översätta den nya sidan till svenska.

This page provides you with a brief overview of Slovakia’s insolvency register.

Insolvency registers

What does the Slovak Insolvency Register offer?

The Link opens in new windowSlovak Insolvency Register (Register úpadcov Slovenskej republiky) contains information about bankruptcy and receivership orders and is maintained by the Slovak Ministry of Justice. However, the data contained in the register have not been made public, as the register is currently at the pilot stage.

Is access to the Slovak Insolvency Register free of charge?

Access to the register and retrieval of information will be free of charge.

What is the method for searching the Slovak Insolvency Register?

The Link opens in new windowSlovak Insolvency Register is still under development.

History of the Insolvency Register of the Slovak Republic

Information contained in the Register dates back to 31 July 2009.

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Last update: 26/07/2017