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Land registers in Member States - Estonia

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This section provides you with a brief overview of Estonia’s land register.

What information does the Estonian land register give?

Link opens in new windowThe Estonian Land Register is a record of proprietary interests and restricted rights, providing third parties with information about registered immovable property.

The land register focuses on both legal and factual circumstances. All property is entered into the land register, unless otherwise provided for by law. Each individual property has an independent entry and is given a unique number (registered property number).

The register has four parts.

The first section contains information on the composition of the property:

  • land-register reference;
  • specific purpose;
  • location;
  • restricted rights established for the registered property;
  • area (size);
  • the connection and division of immovable property;
  • amalgamation with another registered property, or severance of part of property.

The second section contains the following information for each property:

  • holder;
  • If the property is in joint ownership, details of such; whether the property is in joint ownership or common ownership; the owners’ names;
  • Notional size of the co-owners’ shares (common ownership);

The third section contains the following information for each property:

  • Restricted rights encumbering the property (except mortgages);
  • Restrictions on ownership;
  • Notes concerning such restrictions;
  • Restrictions on the owner’s right of disposal;
  • Other notes concerning ownership (including restrictions on the disposal rights of the persons concerned), and the deletion and amendment of the abovementioned entries.

The fourth section contains the following information for each property:

  • The mortgage holder;
  • Monetary value of the mortgage (outstanding sum);
  • notes concerning the mortgage;
  • amendments to entries;
  • deletion of entries.

The parts of the register of the land register are public. They may be consulted by anyone. Where there is a legitimate interest, the file for a given registered property can be consulted. Property owners, notaries, bailiffs, the courts and supervisory authorities do not need to prove the existence of a legitimate interest.

Is access to the Estonian land register free of charge?

The land register is kept electronically.

The parts of the register and the land registers which form part of the land register can be consulted at a notary’s office or through a search system.Link opens in new window opens in new window There is a charge for consulting the land register at a notary’s office or via the search engine.

The data can be accessed free of charge in the e-Charter:

  • owner of immovable property – both a natural person and a legal representative of the owner of immovable property
  • legal representative and guardian of the owner of the immovable property
  • owners of apartment properties connected with immovable property and a representative of an apartment association.

The information contained in the land register can be accessed via the online search engine provided by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems. Use of the search engine is free of charge. The search result displays all the information entered in Part 1 of the land register (land-register reference, specific purpose, area and address). A fee is charged for access to more specific information in the land register.

The charge is EUR1 for each search of a search item. The fee for seeing the whole part of the register is EUR 3.

A search item is any of the following information in a land register part opened for any registered property:

  1. digital data in the ‘Composition of personnel’ section;
  2. digital data in the ‘Holder’ section;
  3. digital data of sections “Covenants and Restrictions” and section 4 “Mortgages”.

The search fee includes access to opened property files and issuing the documentation they contain.

Detailed information for register parts can be consulted in line with the Link opens in new windowservices fees listed here. These fees are not subject to VAT.

How to search the Estonian land register

You can search the database using the following search criteria:

  • address;
  • land-register reference;
  • name of owner;
  • personal identification number/registry code;
  • property number.

It is also possible to search for information on non-valid owners and authorised persons.

History of the Estonian land register

The electronic version of the land register contains information dating back to 1994. The change-over to the electronic version began in the summer of 2010. Since 01.01.2015, all land files have been electronic.

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Last update: 29/05/2020