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Land registers in Member States - Italy

Please note that the original language version of this page Italian has been amended recently. The language version you are now viewing is currently being prepared by our translators.

This section provides you with an overview of Italy's land register.

What does the Italian land register offer?

The Link opens in new windowItalian Land Registers are maintained by Agenzia del Territorio, a non-economic public body that operates under the control of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and also performs cadastral (property) functions.

The registers provide information on deeds of transfer of ownership and other land rights, as well as the raising and writing-off of mortgages.

In addition, the autonomous Link opens in new windowProvince of Trento and Bolzano maintains its own register. This provides mainly cadastral (property) information.

Is access to the Italian land register free of charge?

Access to the registers is subject to the payment of a tax. Thus, the procedure for on-line access requires prior registration with the on-line financial services of the Poste Italiane (Italian Mail System).

The register of the Province of Trento and Bolzano is accessible only to registered users.

How to search the Italian land register

Information maintained in the land registers is organised by subject (natural or juridical person). You can search for information by person, by estate or by deed.

History of the Italian land register

Computerisation of the registered information began in 1986. Following a major reorganisation of the Ministry of Finance, the Italian cadastre and land registers were integrated into a single administration, and electronic transfer began in 1995. The last comprehensive reform of the finance administration created four autonomous tax agencies (including Agenzia del Territorio, which operated from the 1st January 2001). The computerisation of services increased, resulting in the current electronic information system, which was launched at the beginning of 2007.

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Last update: 13/10/2020