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Maintenance claims

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If you wish to claim maintenance, for example by asking for a monthly payment for child support from a parent not living with the child, EU law allows you to use the courts of your home State in order to determine the obligation of the debtor to pay maintenance and set the amount of alimony. Such a judgment will be easily recognised in the other Member States of the European Union.

To obtain more detailed information please click Link opens in new windowhere (you will be redirected to the dedicated page of the European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial matters).

New rules from June 2011

As of 18 June 2011, Link opens in new windownew rules on maintenance matters will apply. They will still ensure judicial protection of the maintenance creditor by allowing him/her to sue the debtor before the courts of his/her home State. In addition, any judgment on maintenance issued by the courts of the Member States will circulate freely in the European Union and may be enforced in all the Member States without additional formalities. Finally, maintenance creditors and debtors will benefit from administrative assistance offered by the Member States.

When maintenance is due from or to the benefit of a person living in a non-EU State, the Link opens in new windowConvention on the international recovery of child support and other forms of family maintenance and the Link opens in new windowProtocol on the law applicable to maintenance obligations may help you in recovering your maintenance in non-EU States which are contracting parties to this Convention.

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Last update: 07/06/2013