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Mediation in Member States - Cyprus

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Whom to contact?

For information on the mediation procedure in Cyprus, contact the Ministry of Justice and Public Order or the Cyprus Bar Association or the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Scientific Chamber of Cyprus.

In which areas does the use of mediation be admissible and more common?

There is a possibility, subject to the consent of the parties involved, to have recourse to the mediation procedure in order to resolve any civil dispute, whether cross-border or not, including a commercial dispute. The law does not apply to family disputes or to labour disputes which are not included in cross-border disputes.

Are there specific rules to be followed?

In accordance with the 2012 Act on Certain Aspects of Mediation in Civil Matters (Law 159 (I)/2012), the parties are guided by the Ombudsman. The procedure is informal. The Parties shall agree, in consultation with the mediator, how the procedure has been conducted, its duration, the confidentiality of the proceedings, the remuneration of the mediator and the terms of payment, and any other matter deemed necessary.

What is the cost of mediation?

In accordance with the law, before the initiation of the mediation procedure, the parties agree, in conjunction with the mediator, to, inter alia, determine the remuneration of the intermediary and the conditions of its payment, as well as any other costs of the proceedings. It is therefore not possible to make provision for the cost of mediation. This will mainly depend on the complexity of the case.

Is it possible to implement an agreement — result of mediation?

If the parties reach a settlement agreement, a written settlement agreement shall be drawn up by the mediator and either the parties together, or one of them with the express consent of the others, may register with the court a request for enforcement of the settlement agreement. In this case it should be executed in the same way as a court ruling.

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Last update: 18/03/2020