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Mediation in Member States - Cyprus

Izvorna jezična inačica ove stranice grčki nedavno je izmijenjena. Naši prevoditelji trenutačno pripremaju jezičnu inačicu koju vidite.

Who to contact?

For information on mediation in Cyprus, please contact a Link opens in new windowlawyer registered in Cyprus.

In what areas is recourse to mediation admissible and/or the most common?

Recourse can be taken to mediation in order to resolve any difference, provided that the parties involved consent.

Are there specific rules to follow?

Unlike the other form of alternative dispute resolution (arbitration), there are no laws which specifically govern the mediation process and therefore there are no specific rules to follow for mediation.

NB: a bill on the specific question of mediation in family cases has been tabled before the House of Representatives (Βουλή των Αντιπροσώπων) and is currently being debated.

What is the cost of mediation?

There is no fixed cost for mediation; it basically depends on the complexity of the case and the standing of the mediator.

Is it possible to enforce an agreement resulting from mediation?

The outcome of mediation is not a judgment which can be enforced in the same way as a court judgment.

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Last update: 08/02/2017