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Member State case law - England and Wales

In the field of civil justice, pending procedures and proceedings initiated before the end of the transition period will continue under EU law. The e-Justice Portal, on the basis of a mutual agreement with the UK, will maintain the relevant information related to the United Kingdom until the end of 2022.

This section provides you with a description of UK case law, focusing on the jurisdiction of England and Wales. The description concentrates on case law from databases that are freely available to the public.

Case-law available in England and Wales

Much of the case law from courts in the England and Wales jurisdiction of the UK is accessible to the public.

All Supreme Court cases and all substantive Civil Court of Appeal judgments are reported.  All Administrative Court judgments, and a selection of High Court judgments that are of particular legal or public interest, are published.  Judgments of the criminal division of the Court of Appeal are published if they are of legal or public interest. Decisions from family and some criminal cases may be anonymised. Decisions of the First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal are published when they are of legal or public interest.

Once a judgment is given, it is usually published between 24 hours and 2 weeks afterwards. If the judgment is given in writing, it is usually published on the same day.

Legal databases

Link opens in new windowHouse of Lords judgements: archive. The House of Lords was the UK's highest Court of Appeal until 30 July 2009.  All judgments of the Law Lords from 14 November 1996 to 30 July 2009 are available on the Parliament website.

Link opens in new windowParliamentary Archives. Access to House of Lords judgments prior to 1996 can be arranged through the Parliamentary Archives. The Archives holds appeal cases and other records of the House of Lords acting in its judicial capacity, dating from 1621

Link opens in new windowSupreme Court website. From 1 October 2009, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom assumed jurisdiction on points of law for all civil law cases in the UK and all criminal cases in England and Wales and Northern Ireland.  All judgments are available from the Supreme Court website.

Link opens in new windowThe Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) is a legal charity that was set up in 1865. They publish law reports of the judicial decisions of the Superior and Appellate Courts in England and Wales.  Most of their products are only provided by subscription but they do also produce a free Link opens in new windowCase Search facility.

BAILII, the British and Irish Legal Information Institute provides free online access to a very comprehensive set of British and Irish primary legal materials including case law.  The search facility allows users to search s for cases in specific courts or across multiple jurisdictions.

Through the Link opens in new windowOpen Law Project, BAILII is also identifying leading cases from the past and making these freely and openly available on the internet to support legal education.

BAILII has recently collaborated with ICLR and now provides links to the Link opens in new windowICLR summaries of judgments (where one exits) with an option to purchase the authorised case report from ICLR in PDF format.

The following collections are available through the Link opens in new windowBAILLI website:

The English Reports (1220 to 1873) are available on Link opens in new windowCommonLII


BAILLII also contains details of decisions from various United Kingdom tribunals:

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Last update: 15/08/2016