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Member State law - Denmark

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This page provides information on the judicial system in Denmark.

Information on the Danish legal system can be found at the Link opens in new windowMinistry of Justice and the Link opens in new windowDanish Parliament’s website.

Sources of law

The principal sources of law in Denmark are: Legislation, legislative drafting and case law.

The legislation is the primary source of law and is promulgated in the Lovtidende. Since 2008, the Journal was only available in electronic form. The legislation is divided into laws, regulations and administrative provisions. Laws are adopted by the Danish Parliament, Orders are issued by the government and administrative requirements are printed by the authorities.

The Danish Parliament is the only body competent to adopt new laws or to amend existing legislation. Once adopted, legislation may be repealed or modified only by the Danish Parliament.

Decisions taken by the courts also play an important role in the application of the law. Decisions of the Supreme Court are often more significant than decisions of the lower courts.

The legislative preparatory work, i.e. the legislative preparatory work carried out during the legislative procedure, is also an important part of the application of the law.

Legal databases

The legal Link opens in new windowinformation portal gives citizens access to:

  • laws, regulations, treaties and consolidated legislation
  • Danish Parliament documents
  • management decisions
  • the Ombudsman’s decisions.

Legal information contains all applicable legislation as of 1 January 1985 and all legislation adopted after that date.

It is free to use the database.

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Last update: 27/08/2019