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Ordinary courts - Estonia

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This section provides information on the organisation of ordinary courts in Estonia.

Ordinary courts – introduction

County Courts are ordinary courts of first instance and hear all civil, criminal and misdemeanour cases and conduct other proceedings which are placed under their jurisdiction by law. Legal proceedings in the county courts are regulated by the following Codes: the Code of Civil Procedure in civil cases, the Code of Criminal Procedure in criminal cases and the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure in misdemeanour cases.

The county courts also have land register and registry departments, which have administrative functions. The land register and the marital property register are maintained in the land registry department. The commercial register, the register of non-profit associations and foundations, the commercial pledges register and the register of ships are maintained in the registry department. Pärnu County Court also has a department for payment orders. The department for payment orders handles applications concerning the accelerated procedure for payment orders.

Judgments and rulings of county courts are reviewed by district courts, as courts of second instance, on the basis of appeals against those judgments and rulings. Proceedings in the administrative courts are regulated by the same Acts as proceedings in the courts of first instance.

Courts of first instance

There are four county courts in Estonia. The county courts are divided into courthouses.

County courts:

Harju County Court (Harju Maakohus):

  1. Liivalaia Street courthouse
  2. Kentmanni Street courthouse
  3. Tartu Road courthouse

Viru County Court (Viru Maakohus):

  1. Jõhvi courthouse
  2. Narva courthouse
  3. Rakvere courthouse

Pärnu County Court (Pärnu Maakohus):

  1. Pärnu courthouse
  2. Haapsalu courthouse
  3. Kuressaare courthouse
  4. Rapla courthouse
  5. Paide courthouse

Tartu County Court (Tartu Maakohus):

  1. Tartu courthouse
  2. Jõgeva courthouse
  3. Viljandi courthouse
  4. Valga courthouse
  5. Võru courthouse

Courts of second instance

There are two district courts in Estonia.

District Courts:

  • Tallinn District Court (Tallinna Ringakonnakohus)
  • Tartu District Court (Tartu Ringakonnakohus)

Legal databases

You can find contact details for the courts on the Link opens in new windowcourts website. Access to the contact details is free of charge.

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Last update: 03/08/2017