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Ordinary courts - Poland

This section provides you with information on the organisation of ordinary courts in Poland.

Ordinary courts

The system of common courts in Poland includes the appellate (sądy apelacyjne), provincial (sądy okręgowe) and district courts (sądy rejonowe). These courts decide, among other things, on cases concerning criminal, civil, family and juvenile law, commercial law, employment and social security laws – except for cases vested in other special courts, such as military courts.

Common courts also maintain land and mortgage registers, as well as the plege register, National Court Register and National Criminal Register.  

Civil courts

There is a civil unit (wydział cywilny) in each appellate, provincial and district court.

Criminal courts

There is a criminal unit (wydział karny) in each appellate, provincial and district court.

Legal databases

The website of the Link opens in new windowPolish government contains a list of published Acts, dating from 1918.

Access to the database is free of charge.

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Last update: 10/12/2012