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Property consequences of registered partnerships - Slovenia

1 Are there different forms of "registered partnerships" in this Member State? Explain the differences between the different forms?

Registered partnerships do not form part of the Slovenian legal system.

The Family Code (Družinski zakonik) of the Republic of Slovenia governs cohabitation, which is defined in Article 4 as a long-term relationship between a man and a woman who are not married, where there are no grounds that would prevent them from being married. Under the Family Code, cohabitation has the same legal consequences for their relationship as if they were married, but may have legal consequences in other areas, where provided for by law.

If a decision on a right or obligation depends on the existence of a long-term relationship as referred to in the previous paragraph, the question of whether such a relationship exists is decided in the procedure for establishing the right or obligation. The decision on that question has a legal effect only with respect to the matter on which the question was settled.

2 Is there a statutory property regime for registered partnerships in this Member State? What does it provide? To which forms of “registered partnership” does it apply?


3 How can partners arrange their property regime? What are the formal requirements in this case?


4 Are there restrictions on the freedom to arrange a property regime?


5 What are the legal effects of dissolution or annulment on the property consequences of the registered partnership?


6 What are the effects of death on the property consequences of the registered partnership?


7 Which authority has the competence to decide in a case relating to the property consequences of the registered partnership?


8 What are the effects of the property consequences of the registered partnership on legal relationships between a partner and a third party?


9 A short description of the procedure for the division, including partition, distribution and liquidation, of the property of the registered partnership in this Member State.


10 What is the procedure and documents or information typically required for the purpose of registration of immovable property?


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Last update: 05/02/2020