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Publication of official announcements - Portugal

Ez az oldal gépi fordítás eredménye – a fordítás minőségét nem áll módunkban garantálni.

Az értékelés alapján ennek a fordításnak a minősége:

Ön szerint használható ez a fordítás?

On which website (s) are official announcements published?

The publication shall be on the website of the Link opens in new windowDiário da República (Diário da República).

Which types of announcements are published?

The Diário da República comprises two series. In the 1st series, the following shall be published:

  1. Constitutional laws;
  2. International conventions, the respective Presidential Decrees, notices of deposit of an instrument to be bound, including those of ratification, and other notices relating thereto;
  3. The laws, laws, decree-laws and legislative decrees;
  4. Decrees of the President of the Republic;
  5. Assembly of the Republic resolutions;
  6. Decrees of the representatives of the Republic of appointment and dismissal of the Presidents and members of the regional governments of the Azores and Madeira;
  7. The Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of the Republic, the Council of State and the Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Regions;
  8. The decisions and declarations of the Constitutional Tribunal that the law has chosen for publication in the 1nd series of the Diário da República;
  9. Decisions to standardise jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Justice and of the Court of Auditors and decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court to which the law provides a general binding force;
  10. The results of referendums and elections for the President of the Republic, the Assembly of the Republic, the Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Regions and the European Parliament, in accordance with the relevant legislation;
  11. The resignation of the President of the Republic;
  12. Motions for rejection from the Government’s programme of confidence and censorship;
  13. The opinions of the Council of State provided for in Article 145 (a) to (e) of the Constitution and those which the Council shall make public;
  14. Other Government Decrees;
  15. Council of Ministers resolutions and regulations containing generic provisions;
  16. Resolutions of the Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Regions and regional regulatory decrees;
  17. Decisions of other courts not mentioned in the paragraphs to which the law confers general binding force;
  18. The declarations concerning the resignation or loss of the mandate of Members of the Assembly of the Republic and the Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Regions.

Without prejudice to the other acts subject to a duty of official publication in series 2, the following are published in the series:

  1. Normative orders by members of the Government;
  2. The results of the elections for local authority bodies;
  3. State departments whose publication in the Diário da República is required by law and declarations of transfers of funds.

Acts published in the 2nd series of the Diário da República distributes the following types: judgment, agreement, agreement, agreement, membership agreement, licence, notice, notice, notice, notice of the Banco de Portugal, trial balance, balance sheet, contract, decision, arbitration decision, statement, declaration of rectification, deliberation, order, decision, decision, official statement, regulatory standard of the Securities and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority, an opinion, a report, a decision, a regulation, a regulation of the Securities Market Commission, the extension regulation, report, resolution and judgment, as well as a notice of invitation to tender, notice of procedure, notice of extension and announcement of rectification of notice.

From which organisation (s) are announcements published?

The entities legally entrusted or interested in the publication of the acts in the Diário da República are, in particular, the Presidency of the Republic, the Assembly of the Republic, the Government, the Legislative Assemblies and Regional Governments of the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, the direct and indirect public administration, the courts, the public prosecutor, independent administrative bodies and the autonomous administration and bodies of local authorities.

Is access to the official announcements free?

Yes. In accordance with Decree-Law No 83/2016 of 16 December 2006, the Diário da República is a public service which is universal and free of charge and is exclusively edited by electronic means. Link opens in new windowDecree-Law No 83/2016

What types of searches can be made?

Universal and free access includes the possibility of printing, filing, searching and free access to the content of the acts published in the 1th and 2th series of the Diário da República, in open electronic formats.

As of which date were the official announcements available in electronic format?

Since 1 July 2006, the electronic edition of the Diário da República is authentic and the publication of the acts carried out by means of it is valid for all legal purposes, in accordance with Article 1(5) of Law No 74/98. of 11 November, as amended.

In addition, the Diário da República (Portuguese Official Gazette) was launched in July 2019 with increased functionalities, such as the creation of a personalised profile for each user and the use of a system of notifications with access to consolidated legislation.

Can searches be saved and notifications sent when criteria are met?

Yes to both. In particular, in relation to the second question, users can receive the indexes of the 1th and 2th series of the Portuguese Diário da República by means of electronic mail, either by means of a prior registration or by means of the subscription by RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Are the official announcements freely available as open data? If so, where can the repository and/or technical information be found?


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Last update: 26/08/2019