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Restrictions on successions – special rules - Estonia

Obs. Nyligen ändrades ursprungsversionen på estniska av den här sidan. Våra översättare håller på att översätta den nya sidan till svenska.

1 Under the law of this Member State, do special rules impose, for economic, family or social considerations, restrictions concerning or affecting the succession in respect of immoveable property, certain enterprises or other special categories of assets located in this Member State?

Section 4 of the Link opens in new windowLaw of Succession Act provides that succession is transferred to the heir when the succession is opened. This means that, as a rule, all rights and obligations are transferred to the heir. The only exceptions are those rights and obligations which by their nature are intrinsically linked to the person of the bequeather or which pursuant to law do not transfer from one person to another (section 130 (1) of the Law of Succession Act).

2 Under the law of this Member State, do these special rules apply to the succession in respect of the above-mentioned assets irrespective of the law applicable to the succession?

There are no special rules.

3 Under the law of this Member State, do special procedures exist to ensure compliance with the above-mentioned special rules?

There are no special rules.

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Last update: 06/12/2018