5 – traffic offences

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How to deal with minor traffic offences?

Minor traffic offences are usually subject to a flat-rate traffic penalty. It may be imposed for minor offences as a sanction for traffic offences provided for in the Road Traffic Act. The flat-rate traffic penalty may range from EUR 20 to EUR 200. It can be ordered by the police, border guards or customs officers.

If a person does not accept the traffic penalty imposed on him or her, he or she shall have the right to have the decision rectified by the authority which issued the decision. A decision on a request for rectification may be appealed to the Administrative Court. Decisions issued by the Administrative Court may be challenged only where leave of appeal is granted by the Supreme Administrative Court.

On more serious traffic offences

If a flat-rate fine cannot be imposed for the traffic offence in question, the police may request a penalty and send it to the prosecutor for confirmation. In the present case, the fine is not fixed. The fine shall be imposed in the form of Link opens in new windowdaily fines. The person has the right to object to the penalty by notifying the public prosecutor.

If the person opposes the request for a sentence and the prosecutor decides to prosecute, the district court will hear the case as ordinary criminal proceedings. In this case, the person has the right to lodge a complaint in the same way as in an Link opens in new windowordinary criminal case (see Factsheet 4).

For traffic offences, a penalty Link opens in new windowpayment may also be enforced in other Member States.

If a person breaches the rules on stopping or parking the vehicle, he or she shall pay a parking error fee.It can be ordered by the police or a municipal car park guard. The parking error fee is between EUR 20 and EUR 80 depending on the region. In Link opens in new windowHelsinki, for example, the parking error fee is EUR 80 in the core centre and EUR 60 in other areas.

The person has the right to apply for rectification of the decision on the parking fee. The request for rectification shall be made within 30 days of the decision being affixed to the vehicle. An appeal may be brought before the Link opens in new windowadministrative court against a decision taken by the parking supervisor following a request for rectification.The deadline for lodging an appeal is 30 days from receipt of notification of the decision. An appeal against an administrative court decision may be lodged with the Supreme Administrative Court only if the Supreme Administrative Court grants leave to appeal. The appeal must be lodged within 30 days of notification of the administrative court’s decision.

The parking fee and the traffic penalty are administrative penalties and are therefore not enforced in another Member State.

Are such offences recorded in the criminal record?

Fines are not entered in the criminal record. The traffic penalty and parking penalty are administrative penalties and are therefore not entered in the criminal record.


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