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Distance Selling Directive (97/7) - Spain

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Royal Decree of 24 July 1889 by which the Civil Code is published 24/07/1889 25/07/1889
Organic Law 9/1985, of July 1st, on the Judiciary 01/07/1985 03/07/1985
The General Act, of November 11th, on Advertising 11/11/1988 15/11/1988
Law 3/1991, 10 January, of Unfair Competition 11/01/1991 31/01/1991
30/1992 Act, on the Common Legal Framework and Administrative Procedure 26/11/1992 27/02/1993
Law 7/1996, of 15 January 1996, on the Regulation of Retail Commerce 15/01/1996 17/01/1996
Law 7/1998, 13 April, on general contracting conditions 14/04/1998 04/05/1998
Law 1/2000, of 7th January, of Civil Procedure 07/01/2000 08/01/2001
Royal Decree 3423/2000, of 15 December, on the regulation of price indication of products offered to consumers and users 28/12/2000 29/12/2000
Law 47/2002 of 19 December on the reform of the Law 7/1996 on retail trade, for the transposition into the Spanish legal system of the Directive 97/7/EC 19/12/2002 01/01/2003
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
AP de Alicante (Sección 5ª) Sentencia no. 27/2010 de 27 de enero link

Article 4

Court decision in appeal 27/01/2010
AP de Islas Baleares (Sección 5ª) Sentencia núm. 303/2009 de 15 septiembre link

Article 5

Article 4

Court decision in appeal 15/09/2009
AP de Zaragoza (Sección 4ª) Sentencia núm. 176/2012 de 20 abril link

Article 4

Court decision in appeal 20/04/2012
AP de Málaga (Sección 4ª) Sentencia núm. 337/2009 de 30 junio link


Court decision in appeal 30/06/2009
906/2004 “ADSL, Servicios Informáticos S. L.” v “Banco Español de Crédito S. A.”

Article 8

Article 6, 4.

Other 22/12/2004
265/2005 “Caja de Madrid, S. A.” v Donato and Carmela

Article 8

Other 27/04/2005
link “Telefónica España S.A” v Doña Maria Dolores A.S.

Article 5, 1.

Other 15/12/2000
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Reference Revista Doctrinal Aranzadi Civil-Mercantil vol.II Editorial Aranzadi, S.A.U. Distance contracts. [Comment to Directive 97/7/EC (LCEur 1997, 1495)]. BERCOVITZ RODRÍGUEZ-CANO, R. 1997
Revista Doctrinal Aranzadi Civil-Mercantil num. 18/2009 Editorial Aranzadi, S.A.U. The right of withdrawal in the context of electronic contracting. LÓPEZ JIMENES, D. 2009
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Other material

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