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Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive (2006/114) - Italy

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Statute 6/02/1996, n. 52, art. 25 “Implementation of the Directive 93/13/EEC relating to unfair terms in contracts concluded between a seller or supplier and a consumer” 06/02/1996 06/03/1996
Legislative decree 9/11/1998, n. 427 “Implementation of the Directive 94/47/EC on the protection of purchasers in respect of certain aspects of contracts relating to the purchase of the right to use one or more immovable properties on a timeshare basis” 09/11/1998 15/02/1999 legislation272_en_en.pdf
Legislative Decree of 25 February 2000 n. 84 “Implementation of Directive 98/6/EC on consumer protection in the indication of the prices of products offered to consumers“ 25/02/2000 12/05/2000
Legislative decree of 2 February 2002, n. 24 “Implementation of Directive 99/44/EC on certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees” 02/02/2002 18/02/2002
Consumer code 06/09/2005 23/10/2005 legislation372_en_en.pdf
Consumer code 06/09/2005 23/10/2005 legislation372_en#1#_en.pdf
Legislative Decree No 146 of 2 August 2007, "Implementing directive 2005/29/EC concerning unfair busines-to-consumer commercial practices in the internal market" 02/08/2007 21/09/2007 transposition_laws_italy_en_en.pdf
Legislative Decree no 145 of 2 August 2007 - Implementation of Article 14 of Directive 2005/29 / EC amending Directive 84/450 / EEC on deceptive advertising 02/08/2007 21/09/2007
Legislative Decree no. 145 of August 2nd 2007 - "Implementing Section 14 of Directive 2005/29/EC" 02/08/2007 21/09/2007
Legislative Decree 2 August 2007 no. 146 - Implementation of Directive 2005/29 /EC concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in the internal market 02/08/2007 21/09/2007
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
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Article 4

Article 2, (c)

Other 18/01/2012
n. 3077 link

Article 3, (b)

Article 3, (a)

Article 4, (b)

Article 4, (a)

Article 4, (c)

Article 2, (b)

Article 4, (h)

Article 2, (c)

Court decision, first degree 25/02/2010
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Article 2, (b)

Article 4, (d)

Article 4, (f)

Article 2, (c)

Court decision, first degree 15/06/2012
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Consumatori, Diritti e Mercato, n. 2/2009, Argomenti Misleading advertising: Antitrust Authority vs Self-regulation Jury DI TORO, M. 2009
Concorrenza e mercato, fasc.1, 2008, pag. 233 Misleading and comparative advertising GAMBINO, M., A. 2008
Giur. It., 2008, 5 The mentioning of trademarks and products within the entertainments show between hidden advertising and unfair commercial practices RESTANO, F. 2008
3 records found, displaying all records. Page: 1
Other material

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