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Unfair Contract Terms Directive (93/13) - Austria

National Law
Title Adoption date for national laws In force date PDF
General Civil Law Act 01/06/1811 01/01/1812
Civil Code 11/06/1811 01/01/1812
Consumer Protection Act 08/03/1979 01/10/1979
Consumer Protection Act 08/03/1979 01/01/9999
Federal Act Against Unfair Competition of 1984 - UWG 22/11/1984 23/11/1984
Federal Act on Price Labelling (Price Labelling Act - PrAG) 19/03/1992 01/06/1992
Regulation of the Federal Minister of economic affairs on provisions regarding the practice of the travel agency profession 19/11/1998 20/11/1998
Regulation of the Federal Minister of economic affairs on the implementation of Article 7 of Council Directive of June 13, 1990 on package travel (90/314/EEC) into Austrian law (Travel agency insurance regulation) 14/09/1999 15/09/1999
Federal Act amending the Federal Act on Price Indications (Price Indications Act - PrAG) and the Federal Act Against Unfair Competition 1984 11/07/2000 01/09/2000
Federal Act amending the General Civil Law Act, the Consumer Protection Act and the Insurance Contract Act (Warranty Law Amendment Act) 08/05/2001 01/01/2002
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
10 Ob 70/07b 10 Ob 70/07b

Article 5

Article 4, 2.

Supreme court decision 28/01/2009
2 Ob 11/08v 2 Ob 11/08v


Supreme court decision 24/09/2008
2 Ob 22/12t 2 Ob 22/12t

ANNEX I, 1., (k)

Supreme court decision 24/01/2013
2 Ob 59/12h 2 Ob 59/12h


Supreme court decision 30/08/2012
4 Ob 117/14f 4 Ob 117/14f


Supreme court decision 17/07/2014
4 Ob 91/08y 4 Ob 91/08y

ANNEX I, 1., (c)

Supreme court decision 10/06/2008
4 Ob 99/09a 4 Ob 99/09a

Article 4, 2.

Chapter 2, Article 5

Supreme court decision 23/02/2010
7 Ob 84/12x 7 Ob 84/12x


Supreme court decision 14/11/2012
7 Ob 93/12w 7 Ob 93/12w


Supreme court decision 28/11/2012
9 Ob 31/15x 9 Ob 31/15x

Article 4, 2.

ANNEX I, 1., (f)

ANNEX I, 1., (g)

Supreme court decision 21/04/2016
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
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RdW 2016/454 ECJ: Cross-border group actions - applicable law? KRIWANEK, S., TUMA, B. 2016
ÖBA 2016, 26 Entering a contract under reduced freedom of will on both sides BOLLENBERGER, R. 2016
Zak 2012/373 Judicature overview: content review of clauses in general terms and conditions KOLMASCH, W. 2012
RdW 2013/396 Prohibition to reduce contractual provisions to their legally permitted core, admissibility of supplementary interpretation or what? PRADER, C., WALZEL VON WIESENTREU, T. 2013
ÖJZ 2015/43 Regarding the admissibility of processing fees in loan agreements GRAF, G. 2015
ÖBA 2015, 475 Regarding the delineation of general terms and conditions and negotiated contracts KELLNER, M. 2015
RdW 2013/197 Scope of the requirement for transparency KELLNER, M. 2013
ÖBA 2013, 27 Supplementary interpretation of consumer contracts despite the prohibition to reduce contractual provisions to their legally permitted core? GEROLDINGER, A. 2013
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Other material

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