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Tools for courts and practitioners

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The European Union (EU) is acting to facilitate cross-border cooperation between courts and among legal practitioners. Legislative instruments have been introduced to help speed up cross-border proceedings, to take account of other Member States' criminal judgments and to use information technology to make the legal systems of the Member States more accessible to the general public and to legal practitioners.

Tools for courts and practitioners

The European Union is seeking to develop a European area of justice and a European legal culture. Some of the existing legislation was developed under an agreement between Member States on action to be taken in the period 2004-2009 (see the 2004 Hague Programme Link opens in new windowAction Plan listing the specific measures).

This part of the Portal indicates to legal practitioners the legislative instruments that are available to facilitate cross-border proceedings in civil and commercial matters as well as in criminal matters. Here you will find explanations on:

In December 2009 the Member States adopted a new multiannual programme – the Link opens in new windowStockholm Programme  – setting out priorities for the next five years with a view to the creation of an area of freedom, security and justice. As new legislative instruments come into effect, they will therefore be added to this section.

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Last update: 31/05/2013