Training of legal practitioners at national level

Information on the organisation of national training of legal practitioners. Training arrangements in the EU countries ensure the quality and scale of the training.

National training structures for the judiciary

National training structures are the main providers of European judicial training for the judiciary. Schools providing initial and continuous training exist in 16 Member States. In others, training is organised by the justice ministry, the council for the judiciary or court services.

Court staff's training systems in the Member States

National Ministries of Justice and courts are the main organisers of court staff training in the EU Member States. In other Member States this task is performed by judicial academies or judicial structures such as Councils and Prosecutors' Offices.

Lawyers' training systems in the Member States

Bar Associations, private practices or law firms, training providers and universities are the main organisers of lawyers' induction period in the EU Member States. In some Member States, this task is performed by Courts of Appeal and the Ministry of Justice. Supervision of continuous training, where it exists, is ensured by the Bar.

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Last update: 01/02/2020