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National Judges and the EU Aarhus Acquis

National Judges and the EU Aarhus Acquis

Practical information

Start date: 
Monday, 1 March, 2021 to Tuesday, 9 March, 2021


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Academy of European Law
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Dr. Kleoniki Pouikli
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Paid course
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The aim of this 4-session online workshop is to provide the participants with an overview of the three pillars of the Aarhus Convention. The focus will be on access to justice in light of the relevant European Commission Notice published in April 2017.

Emphasis will be given to legal standing, scope of the judicial review, effective remedies, costs for access to justice and time limits of procedures.

By addressing these issues regarding the relationship between Aarhus Convention and EU environmental law, this online workshop aims at facilitating the handling of future national court proceedings relating to this topic.

Key topics

  • Article 9(1), (2), (3), (4) of the Aarhus Convention
  • European Commission Communication on improving Access to Justice in Environmental Matters Legal standing
  • Scope of the judicial review
  • Effective remedies / interim measures
  • Litigation costs
  • Time limits of procedure
  • Relevant CJEU case law
  • Preliminary ruling procedures
  • Case studies on the topics

Who should attend?

Judges and prosecutors interested in environmental law

Interactive Webinar

The online workshop will be hosted on ERA’s own online training platform. You will be able to interact immediately and directly with our top-quality speakers and other participants, break out into working groups and work collaboratively on case studies. We will make the most of the technical tools available to deliver an intensive, interactive training experience. As the platform is hosted on our own server, the highest security settings will be applied to ensure that you can participate safely in a high-quality online training environment.

Application procedure

The number of places available is limited. Participation will be subject to a selection procedure. Online application form available on the conference page.
This programme has been produced with the financial support of the “Cooperation with National Judges in the field of Environmental Law” programme of the European Union.