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Lidstaat Belgiƫ
Titel Van een kale reis thuiskomen: wanneer verjaart een reizigersvordering?
Vorm article
Auteur WYSEUR, B.
Referentie D.A.O.R. 2015, 55-59
Jaar van publicatie 2015
Trefwoorden court, travel

Package Travel Directive, Article 2, 4.

This article comments on a decision issued by the Belgian Supreme Court, which essentially states that only the actual travellers (natural persons) can be considered "traveller" in the sense of the Directive 90/314 and the Belgian implementation Act of 16 February 1994.

The author does not agree with this argument and mentions several counterarguments to state that even in case a company books a package travel (for example for its employees), it should be able to rely on the protection offered by the relevant legislation (including the statute of limitation).
Member State National ID Common Name Directive Articles Decision Date
Belgiƫ C.12.0617.N link , 15/05/2014