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Member State Bulgaria
Title Topic XX, Pre-arranged Group and Individual Tourism Trips at an Inclusive Price, Consumer Law, p. 170-178.
Type book chapter
Reference SUKAREVA, Z., Тема XX, Организирано туристическо пътуване с обща цена – групово или индивидуално, Потребителско право, стр. 170-178
Publication Year 2015
Keywords contract for the provision of accommodation, transport, catering or leisure services, package travel

Package Travel Directive, link

This book chapter contains a general overview on the consumer protection under Directive 90/314/EEC and the implementing national law. It provides analysis of the package travel contracts and the obligations of organizers and retailers. The book chapter contains summaries of relevant court practice. It is intended to serve as student’s coursebook in the area of the Bulgarian Consumer Law. Therefore, it contains questions to be used for individual preparation for seminars at the university.
This chapter is part of the book titled Consumer Law which comprises lectures on the eponymous discipline taught at the Faculty of Law of the University for National and World Economy (Sofia, Bulgaria). The book content is consistent with the approved curriculum. The textbook features thematic practice example to illustrate the theoretical issues. Reports trends in the evolution of the law of consumer protection in Bulgaria and European law, as reflected in the EU directives and regulations.