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Legal Literature

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Država članica Slovenija
Naslov Razdor, odpoved in odstop od pogodbe
Vrsta article
URL http://www.iusinfo.si/LITE/Besedilo.aspx?SOPI=PL101D20110101A5&Src=jlLuHIFYz3GGHt842oTagg%3d%3d
Author MOŽINA D.
Reference Pravni letopis, 2011, str. 57.
Publication Year 2011
Ključne besede B2C, consumer, right of withdrawal

Distance Selling Directive, link Doorstep Selling Directive, link

The author examines in depth three ways one party of a contract can save itself from the obligation arising from a (valid) contract. These three methods are termination, cancellation and withdrawal from a contract, withdrawal being the method of the Directives 85/577/EEC and 97/7/EC. He compares the European provisions with the provisions of the Yugoslavian Obligations Act of 1978 and the provisions of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act and presents the legal consequences of a withdrawal in Slovenian legislation in depth at the time.

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