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    • Statul membru: România
    • Titlu: Difficulties in the interpretation and application of Directive 90/314 / EEC on package travel, package holidays and package holidays.
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    • Autor: DUMITRU, I.
    • Referință: Revista Universul Turidic nº 12, pp. 91-102
    • Anul publicării: 2016
    • Cuvinte-cheie: travel packages, travel agencies
  • Articole din directivă
    Package Travel Directive, Article 8 Package Travel Directive, Article 8 Package Travel Directive, Article 9
  • Notă preliminară

    Dificultati de interpretare și aplicare a directivei 90/314/CEE privind pachetele de servicii pentru calatorii, vacante și circuite.

    Tourism is an important sector of the economy, with a significant contribution to the GDP of Romania and generally, the EU Member States. That being so, tourism was a subject of concern of the European legislator, which, inter alia, adopted in 1990 Directive 90/314/EEC, giving a community dimension to this section of the economy. Due to ambiguous wording in the Directive, but also to a large margin of appreciation left to the discretion of Member States, there have been difficulties in implementing this Directive. Subsequent technological developments, especially the emergence of the Internet, were added thereto, and have further highlighted the shortcomings of the European legislative Act.

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