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sk_Legal Literature

sk_Legal Literature Details
Členský štát Slovensko
Názov New remedies of protection of consumer in consumer disputes under the Code of Civil Disputes Proceedings.
Typ Article
sk_Author FILIČKO, V.
sk_Reference Studia Iuridica Cassoviensia, nº 6.
sk_Publication Year 2018
Kľúčové slová consumer protection, procedural law, principle of adversarial nature, principle of concentration, interpretation

Injunctions Directive, link

Nové prostriedky ochrany spotrebiteľa v spotrebiteľských sporoch podľa CSP.

The legal specificities of consumer relations, which are largely reflected in the substantive law, have influenced also the procedural law – new Code of Civil Disputes Proceedings. The paper focuses on the specificities, deviations and application issues in the consumer disputes resolution process which are different from the decision-making process of other “standard disputes”.

The author deals with the breach of the principle of the adversarial nature of court proceedings in the consumer disputes, the principle of concentration in consumer disputes, and discusses widely the legal interpretation of the Court´s duty in relation to judgments regarding consumers.

The author's goal is also to point out some application issues that can bring judicial practice into the ‘consumer dispute resolution process’ in the light of one of the fundamental rights, which is the right to a fair trial.

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