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    • Valstybė narė: Lietuva
    • Pavadinimas: Controlling unfair contract terms in consumer contract relationships
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    • Tipas: Article
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    • Autorius: DIRGELIENE, I and PECKYS, M.
    • Nuoroda: Current Issues of Business & Law nº 10
    • Paskelbimo metai: 2015
    • Raktažodžiai: unfair terms, consumer rights, unfair commercial practices
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    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link
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    The application of consumer protection rules is determined by the consumer concept, which is especially important in light of the expanding and increasing EU consumer protection Law. The similarity of the legal bases of different countries is related to the fact that the regulation of consumer contracts has been transferred from the EU Directives regulating the rights of a businessman and a consumer into the national legal systems of the Member States. The protection of the weaker party of the contract - the consumer – is provided for in the EU and national legislation; however, doubts still exist whether this protection is sufficient.

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