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    • Država članica: Slovenija
    • Naslov: Application of the consumer protection guidelines by the Slovenian courts
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    • Vrsta: Chapter of a book
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    • Avtor: SLADIČ, J.
    • Sklic: Der Einfluss des EU-Rechts in den Jahren 2007–2017 auf die Privatrechtsordnungen der CEE-Staaten. Manz, Wien. Editorial. Rudolf Welser, Pp. 101-116
    • Leto objave: 2019
    • Ključne besede: consumer credit, information obligation, precontractual information, unfair terms, liability
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    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link
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    Anwendung der Verbraucherschutz-Richtlinien durch die slowenischen Gerichte.

    The author discusses the application of EU guidelines on consumer protection by Slovenian courts. In particular, it highlights the issue of deciding on consumer credits, which were either offered in Swiss francs as a foreign currency or the value of these credits was pegged to the Swiss franc with a currency clause. In that regard, he refers to Directive 93/13 and the precontractual obligation to inform the consumer. He also discusses the issue of unlawful contractual terms in consumer contracts.

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