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Literatura prawnicza

Informacje o literaturze prawniczej
Państwo członkowskie Polska
Tytuł A consumer’s right to withdraw from a contract concluded at a trade fair – comment on ECJ judgement C-485/17
Rodzaj Article
Autor WIESE, K.
Odniesienie Monitor Prawniczy. Nr 7
Rok publikacji 2019
Słowa kluczowe Off-premises contracts, right to withdraw, withdrawal right, consumer rights,

Consumer Rights Directive, Chapter 1, Article 2 Consumer Rights Directive, Chapter 1, Article 2

Konsumenckie prawo odstąpienia od umowy zawartej na targach – glosa – C-485/17.

The right to withdraw from contracts concluded outside of business premises is one of the basic rights that protects consumers against the consequences of entering into a contract by surprise or under duress. The concept of business premises comprises not only of a venue where the undertaking permanently conducts its business activities, but also movable retail premises where business activities are carried out customarily. In this regard, it has been unclear whether a trade fair stand may be regarded as business premises. The judgement of the ECJ states that account must be taken of the actual appearance of that stand in the eyes of an average consumer, who  as a result of said appearance may reasonably expect to be solicited by a trader. This interpretation should be considered flawed as it introduces too much uncertainty for entrepreneurs as well as consumers.

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