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    • État membre: France
    • Titre: The financial guarantee of the tourism code only benefits the final consumers.
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    • Type: Article
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    • Auteur: PELLIER, J-D
    • Référence: La garantie financière du code du tourisme ne bénéficie qu'aux consommateurs finaux. Actualité Juridique. Dalloz.
    • Année de publication: 2020
    • Mots clés: guarantee, travel organisers, consumer rights
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  • Note introductive

    It results from Article R. 211-26 of the code of tourism that the financial guarantee specially allocated to the repayment in principle of the funds received by the travel operator in respect of the commitments which it has entered into with regard to its customers, benefits only the final consumers. Thus, a works council which acts in the capacity of organiser or reseller of travel, and not solely as an agent for the employees in a travel agency, cannot benefit from it.

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