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    • Lidstaat: België
    • Titel: “Vouchers for cancelled package tours and events. A comment on two Ministerial Decrees”
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    • Vorm: Article
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    • Auteur: GEIREGAT, S.
    • Referentie: “Tegoedbonnen voor afgelaste pakketreizen en evenementen. Commentaar bij twee corona-MB's”, NJW 2020, nr. 425, 522-528.
    • Jaar van publicatie: 2020
    • Trefwoorden: Package travel, cancellation of contract, travel organiser, vouchers
  • Richtlijnartikelen
    Package Travel Directive, Article 12
  • Koptekst

    The author gives a thorough analysis of the Belgian temporary legislation to cope with the negative consequences of the Covid 19 health crisis as regards the protection of consumers in the case of cancelled package tours and events contracts. The author convincingly points out that the Belgian regulation of these consumer aspects of the corona-crisis could conflict with Belgian federal legislation on the division of competencies and could conflict with the European Directive concerning package travel. The contribution more specifically focuses on the circumstances under which the organiser may opt for a voucher instead of a refund in the case of cancellation of a package travel in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

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