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    • Država članica: Hrvatska
    • Zvanje: Sustainability, the Circular Economy and Consumer Law in Croatia
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    • Vrsta: Article
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    • Autor: MIŠĆENIĆ, E.
    • Upućivanje: EuCML. Busch, Christoph Pp. 173-176.
    • Godina objave: 2020
    • Ključne riječi: B2C, economic interests, environment
  • Članci Direktive
    Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive, link Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, link Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link Consumer Rights Directive, link Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, link
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    Our planet is consumed by excessive ‘consumption’ and ‘production’ of goods and services. As each day goes by, these processes are rendered more and more irresponsible in terms of the manner in which they are performed. They form a vicious circle, in which, with the aim of profit increase, our planet is continuously affected by serious problems emerging from the mentioned processes. Although the words people, profit, and planet constitute the three pillars of sustainability, it is actually profit and problems created by people that are compromising the future of forthcoming generations living on this planet. ‘Circular economy’ and ‘sustainability’ mark an important shift within the economy processes that should guarantee a healthier surrounding for the future mankind. In contrast to a linear economy (‘take, make and dump’), circular economy, while not entirely a new concept, puts the focus of attention on reuse and recycle, as well as on repair and reduction of the use of products. In this context, sustainability aims at the preservation (fr. soutenir) of the planet in a more holistic and adaptive manner. Together, these two concepts, where circular economy can be observed as one of many aspects contributing to sustainability, should make a significant change for our planet and future living.

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