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    • Państwo członkowskie: Polska
    • Tytuł: Main subject matter as a premise for individual assessment of unfairness of contractual terms (Art. 3851 § 1 of the Civil Code) in the case law of the Polish Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice
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    • Autor: DĄBROWSKA, K.
    • Odniesienie: Świadczenie główne jako przesłanka indywidualnej kontroli abuzywności wzorca umowy (art. 385[1] § 1 KC) w orzecznictwie SN i TSUE. Monitor Prawniczy. No. 1. pp. 25-33
    • Rok publikacji: 2021
    • Słowa kluczowe: unfair terms, credit agreement, nullity, cancellation of contract, main subject matter
  • Artykuły dyrektywy
    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Article 3 Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Article 4
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    The article relates to the definition of the main subject matter under contracts concluded between entrepreneurs and consumers as a premise for the exclusion of the terms that could be regarded as abusive. The definition is presented on the basis of the case law of the CJEU regarding interpretation of Directive 93/13. Under the implementation of the Directive, Art. 3851 was introduced to the Polish Civil Code on 2 March 2000. Despite the lapse of more than 20 years, the terms used therein still raise doubts as to their proper interpretation. The lack of clarity is partly due to the inconsistency of the terms used by the Polish legislator as compared with the source. The article presents the uniform case law of the CJEU and the main lines of judicature of the Polish Supreme Court regarding the main subject matter of the contract.

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