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    • Państwo członkowskie: Polska
    • Tytuł: Proper implementation of EU law or support for entrepreneurs? Regulatory dilemmas in the Covid-19 era on the example of the problem of the time limit for tour operates to refund prepaid travel
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    • Autor: CYBULA, P.
    • Odniesienie: Prawidłowa implementacja prawa unijnego czy wsparcie przedsiębiorców? O dylematach regulacyjnych w czasach Covid-19 na przykładzie problemu terminu zwrotu przedpłat podróżnym przez organizatorów turystyki. Problemy Współczesnego Prawa Międzynarodowego, Europejskiego i Porównawczego. No. 19. pp. 45-70
    • Rok publikacji: 2021
    • Słowa kluczowe: right of withdrawal
  • Artykuły dyrektywy
    Package Travel Directive, Article 12
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    For many years, one of the most disputed issues in the case of package travel contracts is the problem of withdrawal from the contract by the parties (especially by the traveller) before the beginning of the package and its impact. The subject of the article is to refer to one issue arising in this context, i.e., the time within which prepayments should be refunded in the case of termination of the contractual relationship before the beginning of the package. Recognising the importance of this issue and, above all, its practical significance, the EU legislator in Directive 2015/2302 introduced detailed regulations on this issue, which have also been implemented in Polish law, however, not entirely correctly. In connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Polish legislator twice adopted regulations which were in breach of Article 12(4) of Directive 2015/2302. A legislator’s right (in principle) decision to assist entrepreneurs should also take into account EU consumer protection standards, which the Polish legislator is obliged to meet. The discussed example shows that the source of risk to consumer interests during Covid-19 may be not only the actions and omissions of entrepreneurs, but also the activity of state authorities. Regardless of the comments related to the implementation of Directive 2015/2302, in the author’s opinion, a serious discussion on the distribution of risk between the organiser and the traveller in a situation of extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, especially on such a scale as in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, is needed on the basis of Directive 2015/2302.

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