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    • Member State: Malta
    • Title: The contribution of EU Directives to the objective of consumer protection
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    • Type: article
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    • Author: AZZOPARDI, A.
    • Reference: ELSA Malta Law Review, Vol. II, p 41
    • Publication Year: 2012
    • Keywords: average consumer, cancellation of contract, commercial guarantee, comparative advertising, Consumer Credit Directive, Distance Selling Directive, doorstep selling, economic behaviour, financial services, guarantee, harmonisation, information obligation, information requirements, informed choice, informed decision, injunction, legal actions, legal rights, misleading advertising, misleading commercial practices, misleading omissions, off-premises contract, package travel, precontractual information, right of cancellation, right of redress, right of withdrawal, Scope of the UCP Directive – Full harmonisation, unfair terms, vulnerable consumer, withdrawal period
  • Directive Articles
    Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive, link Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, link Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link Package Travel Directive, link Distance Selling Directive, link Doorstep Selling Directive, link Consumer Rights Directive, link Timeshare Directive, link Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, link
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    This article considers in detail the methods through which the EU Directives attempt to protect the consumer at each of the contractual stages, namely information disclosure, regulating unfair commercial practices, and regulating advertising at the pre-contractual stage, regulating the substance of the contract and sale and guarantees at the contractual stage and the use of cooling-off periods and legal redress and representation at the post-contractual stage.
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