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    • Member State: Italy
    • Title: Effective consumer protection in selling: the Faber case
    • Subtitle: Nota a CGUE, sez. I, 4 giugno 2015 (causa C-497/13)
    • Type: article
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    • Author: PATTI, F. P.
    • Reference: La Nuova giurisprudenza civile commentata, 2016, fasc. 1, pp. 10-18
    • Publication Year: 2016
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    Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, link
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    This articles offers an analysis of a famous ECJ's case which is part of a consolidated case law according to which the consumer's rights have to be applied in favour of the same, even if this is capable to breach the procedural autonomy granted to member States. In particular the author focuses on the concepts of "consumer" and "lack of conformity" of the good, as well as on the circumstances which have to be existing to apply Directive 1999/44/EC.
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