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    • Member State: Portugal
    • Title: Consumer Law Manual
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    • Type: book
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    • Author: CARVALHO, J. M.
    • Reference: Manual de Direito do Consumo, Almedina 2014
    • Publication Year: 2014
    • Keywords: case law, consumer, consumer goods, consumer rights, contract law, distance contracting, general discussion on the national implementation, national law, off-premises contract, price, price indication, price reductions, unfair commercial practices
  • Directive Articles
    Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, link Consumer Rights Directive, link
  • Headnote
    This manual includes an analysis of the main statutes which govern consumer protection. Statutes governing the sale of consumer goods, consumer credit, distance and off-premises contracts, price indication, price reductions, general contractual clauses and unfair commercial practices are discussed in detail.
  • General Note
    Directive 1999/44/CE
    Directive 2011/83/EU
    Consumer Law
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