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    • Mitgliedstaat: Österreich
    • Titel: Das neue Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz
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    • Art: article
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    • Urheber/in: STABENTHEINER, J.
    • Referenz: VbR 2014/68
    • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2014
    • Schlagworte: distance contracting, general discussion, information obligation, telephone
  • Artikel der Richtlinie
    Consumer Rights Directive, link
  • Leitsatz
    This article concentrates on the new Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act, which was implemented by the Consumer Rights Directive Implementation Act.
    The author thinks that in the beginning, this new law will be a big challenge for the entrepreneurs, because of the extensive information duties. Those duties implement a lot of bureaucracy for the economy, even though this will not reflect on the protection of consumers in the same way. But the author also acknowledges that other new rules will be an enormous improvement for consumers, particularly the rules about distance contracts which are concluded over the telephone.
  • Allgemeiner Hinweis
    This is the second of two articles of the author regarding the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive. It should be read together with the first article "Das Verbraucherrechte-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz - Allgemeine Anmerkungen, die Änderungen des ABGB und die Neuerungen im KSchG".
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