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    • Member State: Austria
    • Title: A bottomless pit - More information duties for online shops
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    • Type: article
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    • Author: HANDIG, C.
    • Reference: ecolex 2014, 411
    • Publication Year: 2014
    • Keywords: distance contracting, information obligation, off-premises contract, unfair competition
  • Directive Articles
    Consumer Rights Directive, Chapter 3, Article 6 Consumer Rights Directive, Chapter 3, Article 7
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    This article states all information duties an entrepreneur has to follow when concluding distance and off-premises contracts. The author explains in detail the information duties online shops have to fulfil and the legal consequences of ignoring or forgetting them. According to the author, the extension of information duties will overwhelm a number of entrepreneurs and many unfair competition cease-and-desist letters will be issued.
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