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Medlemsstat Sverige
Titel Den svenska marknadsföringslagstiftningen
Typ book
Reference Svensson, Carl Anders, 1942-. - Den svenska marknadsföringslagstiftningen / Carl Anders Svensson. - 2016 – edition 17 - ISBN: 9789144112046
Publication Year 2016
Nyckelord advertising, consumer rights, goods, internet

Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, link Consumer Rights Directive, link

Swedish Marketing Legislation is a textbook for courses in marketing law and introductory courses in law. It can also valuable in the daily work of e.g. marketing departments and advertising- and media companies.

Swedish Marketing Legislation discusses the Marketing Act and its practical use, both in traditional media and on the internet plus social media. Furthermore, the 17th edition describes inter alia the new court system with the Patent and Market Courts (in the District Court of Stockholm) whose decisions can be appealed to the Market Court of Appeal (in the Svea Court of Appeal).
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